Polimarin as polytechnic with international vision lead all students in  to international standart by develop the training event of Sea Internship. The training was held on 4 March until 18 March 2019.

Additional learning is a learning program that is carried out outside the school intracurricular program. That is, additional learning activities are carried out after the regular learning program at school has ended.

Additional classes given to students are classes for students who will join or have sea intership in foreign companies. Where in this class English will be more emphasized and practiced for getting deep understanding of the materials for all the activities that will be carried out when they become cadets.

from students who joined this class said he got some benefits such as

  • feel more confident to speak english
  • Increase motivation for doing sea project especially in foreign company
  • Increase knowledge of terms in maritime world
  • know about behavior and habitual of western people more than before
  • know what they must to do at first time on board