Sunday 26 February, 14 of the best students of Polimarin were escorted to Jakarta to carry out the selection at PT. Silo Bahari.

The students were the Polimarin’s best students of  6th semester and the best alumni. Consisting of 3 women (cadets) and 11 men (cadets) together competing to get an apprenticeship place to become cadets and senior cadets.

This selection wasdesignated for those who will graduate and will be given a marine practice site operating abroad.
The selection stage also run from morning toevening.

This selection produces students who will be placed on the ship
This selection is carried out in order to develop seafarers’ human resources in the  the future and to realize Polimarin’s vision as an international level Polytechnic.
This selection was held in collaboration with Polimarin with PT. Silo Bahari.
Furthermore, PT. Silo Baharidoes not have an official program, but for Nord’s cadets, if they have finished their study  and passed the entrance test, the company will prioritize to occupy the vacant as young officers