The collaboration between Polimarin (Indonesia) and Solent University (United Kingdom)

The key goals of new skills development partnerships is maximizing students’ learning and equipping them with skills which meet global maritime standards and labour market demand. Therefore, the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Skills for Prosperity programme in Indonesia (SfP-Indonesia) and Maritime State Polytechnic of Indonesia (Polimarin) provides technical support for curriculum development and improvement, capacity-building for teachers and academic staff and enrichment of student learning experience. Students can benefit from interactive skills development through work-based learning and consultation with experts, which can eventually support their progression to decent work.

                The program works with Solent University is to bring about enhanced alignment of their curriculums with industry trends and international standards in the maritime sector and strengthen their engagement with industry. The program itself will be held until 29 November 2021.                 As the only maritime school under MoECRT, Polimarin strives to produce globally competitive graduates. The ILO-UK programme will support the polytechnic in transforming its three-year diploma programme into a four-year study programme on seafaring engineering equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.