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Polimarin’s Website Comes with Brand New Face, in Indonesian and English

Polimarin’s website has been developed into Indonesian and English. This website development program was carried out as part of the Vocational Education Organizing College (PTPPV) program in 2021. Polimarin has developed its website through workshop program namely Polimarin Website Writing Content Workshop.

The workshop was held on November 29th to 30th 2021 at Griya Persada Convention Hotel and Resort Bandungan, Ambarawa, Semarang Regency. The workshop participants consisted of directors, deputy directors, chairman of the Polimarin senate and several members including the Information Technology Technical Implementation Unit (UPT TI), Public Relations (Humas), Academic, Student Affairs, and Cooperation Section (BAAK), Protocol, and Finance.
The workshop invited Dwi Budi Santoso, M.Kom as the key speaker. It was held for two consecutive days with the agenda of delivering material from the speaker and followed by analyzing and producing content. During the workshop, all participants were divided into 2 teams. The first team (web design team) was in charge of the Analysis and Optimization of Web Functions as a Media for Foreign Cooperation, Interactivity and the Spirit of the Website. The second team (creator content team) was focused on creating the new content and re-create the old content in the old website into the newest one.

Deputy Director III of Polimarin for Student Affairs, Amthori Anwar, M.Si., M.Mar expressed his appreciation and support for the ongoing activities.
“This website is a show window for our institution. People don’t need to come to campus, just look at the website, so the development of this website is very necessary and requires support from the leadership for development, not only IT but also its contents,” said the deputy director III.
“Hopefully this workshop can produce what we expect, and what we do is always based on that this is a form of our dedication. It is about how big what we are doing for our institution, vocation and our country” he concluded.
The Chairperson of the Event Organizer, Warsina SKom MKom, thanked to Polimarin’s leader and participants who had attended and supported the event.

“The website as a show window for Polimarin. Our institution requires support and cooperation from the top leadership to all employees. It requires continuity of website management, consistency, in order to always update the latest news. It needs to be determined by the leadership, the assignment as well as the preparation of website content so that someone handles it formally. Website development is prioritized for English-language websites with the aim of establishing cooperation with foreign countries,” the chairman said when closing the activity. (D-YSB)