Polimarin International Office

Polimarin International Office herein referred as PIO is a unit of Polimarin in charge of facilitating and developing international cooperation in education, research and community services.


Strengthen international cooperation to enhance global competitiveness and develop Polimarin into an international-level polytechnic at 2025.


a. Developing international network and collaboration between Polimarin and other foreign or international institutions.
b Facilitating the academic communities, partners and stakeholders of Polimarin to carry out education, research and community services abroad or in collaboration with foreign or international institutions.
c. Supporting activities on education, research and community services to be brought up at international level.

Core values

a. Implementation of Polimarin’s vision: a world class maritime polytechnic.
b. Professionalism, integrity and objectivity in all the way of services.
c. Creation of programs in innovative basis.
d. Associate with excellent attitude and mutual respect of other institution values.
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a. Developing international engagement on education, training, research and community services at Polimarin
b. Promoting Polimarin internationally by conducting international standard events.
c. Finding sources of international fund and scholarships
d. Improving quality of human resources comply with the requirements of the international program
e. Active networking with associations, partners, organizations, communities and other international offices to develop international cooperation.
f. Optimization of internet for gathering and sharing information.