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Polimarin’s Website Comes with Brand New Face, in Indonesian and English

Polimarin’s website has been developed into Indonesian and English. This website development program was carried out as part of the Vocational Education Organizing College (PTPPV) program in 2021. Polimarin has developed its website through workshop program namely Polimarin Website Writing Content Workshop.

The workshop was held on November 29th to 30th 2021 at Griya Persada Convention Hotel and Resort Bandungan, Ambarawa, Semarang Regency. The workshop participants consisted of directors, deputy directors, chairman of the Polimarin senate and several members including the Information Technology Technical Implementation Unit (UPT TI), Public Relations (Humas), Academic, Student Affairs, and Cooperation Section (BAAK), Protocol, and Finance.
The workshop invited Dwi Budi Santoso, M.Kom as the key speaker. It was held for two consecutive days with the agenda of delivering material from the speaker and followed by analyzing and producing content. During the workshop, all participants were divided into 2 teams. The first team (web design team) was in charge of the Analysis and Optimization of Web Functions as a Media for Foreign Cooperation, Interactivity and the Spirit of the Website. The second team (creator content team) was focused on creating the new content and re-create the old content in the old website into the newest one.

Deputy Director III of Polimarin for Student Affairs, Amthori Anwar, M.Si., M.Mar expressed his appreciation and support for the ongoing activities.
“This website is a show window for our institution. People don’t need to come to campus, just look at the website, so the development of this website is very necessary and requires support from the leadership for development, not only IT but also its contents,” said the deputy director III.
“Hopefully this workshop can produce what we expect, and what we do is always based on that this is a form of our dedication. It is about how big what we are doing for our institution, vocation and our country” he concluded.
The Chairperson of the Event Organizer, Warsina SKom MKom, thanked to Polimarin’s leader and participants who had attended and supported the event.

“The website as a show window for Polimarin. Our institution requires support and cooperation from the top leadership to all employees. It requires continuity of website management, consistency, in order to always update the latest news. It needs to be determined by the leadership, the assignment as well as the preparation of website content so that someone handles it formally. Website development is prioritized for English-language websites with the aim of establishing cooperation with foreign countries,” the chairman said when closing the activity. (D-YSB)

The collaboration between Polimarin (Indonesia) and Solent University (United Kingdom)

The key goals of new skills development partnerships is maximizing students’ learning and equipping them with skills which meet global maritime standards and labour market demand. Therefore, the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Skills for Prosperity programme in Indonesia (SfP-Indonesia) and Maritime State Polytechnic of Indonesia (Polimarin) provides technical support for curriculum development and improvement, capacity-building for teachers and academic staff and enrichment of student learning experience. Students can benefit from interactive skills development through work-based learning and consultation with experts, which can eventually support their progression to decent work.

                The program works with Solent University is to bring about enhanced alignment of their curriculums with industry trends and international standards in the maritime sector and strengthen their engagement with industry. The program itself will be held until 29 November 2021.                 As the only maritime school under MoECRT, Polimarin strives to produce globally competitive graduates. The ILO-UK programme will support the polytechnic in transforming its three-year diploma programme into a four-year study programme on seafaring engineering equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.

The British warship HMS Richmond meet Polimarin student

The British warship HMS Richmond was in Indonesia on 8-10 October 2021. The presence of HMS Richmond is part of a joint activity program between the Indonesian and British Navy. The Royal Navy and TNI programs include several cultural exchange activities, reflecting the warm relationship between the Navy and the British and Indonesian people, as well as their willingness to learn from one another.

In addition, there is also the desire of the British Navy to meet with young Indonesian maritime students via Zoom and they will answer the questions. Meanwhile, Indonesian students studying at Polimarin Semarang, PoliManado, PoliBatam and PPNS Surabaya have the opportunity to meet virtually with seafarers at HMS Richmond. These Indonesian students are currently pursuing education in maritime and marine expertise supported by the UK Government’s Skills for Prosperity program which is implemented in partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Virtually separate tours of the Ship are provided to students and TNI officials. By joining this event, The students have opportunity to hear from different ship staff and ask crew members questions to explore and witness the British high-tech frigate.


Polimarin as polytechnic with international vision lead all students in  to international standart by develop the training event of Sea Internship. The training was held on 4 March until 18 March 2019.

Additional learning is a learning program that is carried out outside the school intracurricular program. That is, additional learning activities are carried out after the regular learning program at school has ended.

Additional classes given to students are classes for students who will join or have sea intership in foreign companies. Where in this class English will be more emphasized and practiced for getting deep understanding of the materials for all the activities that will be carried out when they become cadets.

from students who joined this class said he got some benefits such as

  • feel more confident to speak english
  • Increase motivation for doing sea project especially in foreign company
  • Increase knowledge of terms in maritime world
  • know about behavior and habitual of western people more than before
  • know what they must to do at first time on board


Sunday 26 February, 14 of the best students of Polimarin were escorted to Jakarta to carry out the selection at PT. Silo Bahari.

The students were the Polimarin’s best students of  6th semester and the best alumni. Consisting of 3 women (cadets) and 11 men (cadets) together competing to get an apprenticeship place to become cadets and senior cadets.

This selection wasdesignated for those who will graduate and will be given a marine practice site operating abroad.
The selection stage also run from morning toevening.

This selection produces students who will be placed on the ship
This selection is carried out in order to develop seafarers’ human resources in the  the future and to realize Polimarin’s vision as an international level Polytechnic.
This selection was held in collaboration with Polimarin with PT. Silo Bahari.
Furthermore, PT. Silo Baharidoes not have an official program, but for Nord’s cadets, if they have finished their study  and passed the entrance test, the company will prioritize to occupy the vacant as young officers


At 16 February 2019 Mr. Busse, a representative from Germany and Mr. Gatot, a representative from Nord, visited Polimarin to carry out an internal selection for Polimarin students which later be sent to Jakarta to conduct interviews with the Nord manager at PT. Silo Bahari.
This selection was attended by approximately 35 students from the nautical and technical departments to continue to select several students who were considered able to continue the selection in Jakarta.

The selections was held in the KPN class room and students were tested on general knowledge of ships and English proficiency. English is emphasized to the  students because later they will be placed in the foreign company. With good language competence, it is expected that when they have joined the company, they will be easier to communicate with the existing crew, which is certainly also from various countries.