The DIV Nautical Joint Degree program is a collaborative program between the Indonesian State Maritime Polytechnic (Politeknik Maritim Negeri Indonesia) and Hochschule Wismar University of Applied Sciences Technology, Business, and Design which is based on producing a diploma or academic degree of Nautical studies recognized by Indonesia and Germany. On October 23 2019, both of these institutions have inaugurated this program in which it will gain some learning experience for studying Nautical Science. This program is a milestone for maritime education in Indonesia.

As a program that produces characterized and globally competitive merchant shipping officer, to meet the qualification standards of graduates, the IMO 7.03 is adopted as the supporting curriculum and also to fulfill the standard of higher vocational education.

Nautical Joint Degree’s graduates achieve two (2) certificates of completion as D4 for Applied studies (Sarjana Terapan / S.Tr) from Polimarin,  Bachelor Science (B,Sc) of Nautical Science from Hochschule Wismar University, and Certificate of Competency as Deck Officer Class III (ANT III).


  1. SMA/SLTA (IPA) or SMK Pelayaran Graduates
  2. TOEFL Score 400

Graduates Competences:

  1. Ability to plan and conducting watchkeeping duty for safety navigation;
  2. Ability to Monitor the loading, stowage, securing and unloading of cargoes and their care during the voyage;
  3. Ability to Maneuvering the ship;
  4. Ability to implement pollution prevention requirements;
  5. Ability to use SMCP both written and oral form;
  6. Ability to use electronics navigational aids to maintain safety navigation;
  7. Ability to implement the procedure of safety and health include the standard of live-saving appliances, prevention, control and fighting of fires, safety of personnel and ship on board;
  8. Ability to apply entrepreneurial characteristics and the ability to develop themselves to capture business opportunities, develop ideas and plan, realize, and manage business well;
  9. Ability to apply supply chain management, shipping economy and business, merchant and port management, legal aspects of business, and maritime insurance claims;

The graduates of this program will occupy as:

  1. Deck officer
  2. Marine surveyor
  3. Shipping Agency officer
  4. VTS Radio Operator
  5. Port Officer